Project Closure Report


Project Closure Report Template

When finishing up any project that you do it is best to use a project closure report to show what all has been done. This is a great way to keep track of each project and show what has been done for it will be documented. Our template for the project closure report is available for you to download for free. It is easy to use and can be customized to meet your needs.

How to Use a Project Closure Report

  • At the top of the template you will need to insert your company logo to give a great presentation of your company
  • Under the logo it will state project closure report in big, bold letters
  • On the first line under that you will need to list the project name
  • Next you will need to put in the department name that the project was done by
  • Then you will need to list the focus area. This give a better general idea of what the project main focus was
  • Following that is the project process. This gives a better description of where the project has left off
  • Under that, is a chart for prepared by, where you will enter documents owner(s) in first column and project/organization role in the second column
  • The next chart under the first is for project closure version control. This contains four columns. First column is for version, second for date, third for author, and fourth for change description
  • At the end of the template you can place any notes or descriptions needed by your company

Tips on Using a Project Closure Report

  • Can be used to plan overall projects
  • Used to create plans to show to customers
  • To show completion of projects and all criteria taken to finish project
  • Great documentation records for proof of projects done and can be put with pictures for proof if needed
  • Helps communicate what has been done with projects for all employees that need to follow up on the project in the future

Be sure to download the free project closure report template today to use for all your project needs.

Download: Project Closure Report