Process Flow Template


Screenshot of the Process Flow Template

Whether you have a business that provides goods or services, you probably worry about customer delivery time. One of the biggest complaints customers have is that the company’s service was slow; this often tops complaints about rudeness and even price. The Process Flow Template can help you identify what is slowing down your service and put you on the road to maximizing delivery.

How to Use the Process Flow Template

  • Using the Process Flow Template is easy. First, download the template, which is available at no charge on this page.
  • The template will open into a Visio document. The document contains fields for Sales Representatives, Project Management, and Development Team. Simply type the data into the appropriate fields and then print it out.
  • Then analyze the information you gathered and identify any problems.

Tips for Using the Process Flow Template

  • First, choose the product or service that you have identified as a concern. List every activity that must be completed from development to delivery.
  • Next, gather information about the objectives and controls for each stage. Determine who is responsible for every step along the route; this must be the person who can actually affect change. Attach employee names and positions to each step.
  • Then, interview the individuals involved. This is key in making sure you in understand their priorities and their work process. This will also ensure they feel that they are part of the solution, not just the problem. Include the total time it takes for each stage of the process, the amount of time takes to complete every step, and the inputs and outputs generated.
  • Finally, analyze the information you have gathered to see whether a bottleneck or other issue is causing the slowdown. Look at the amount of time it takes for each segment and step to see if there are any inefficient or unnecessary processes. Also, evaluate employee activities to see if they are duplicating work or completing it in the wrong order.

Customers will forgive a lot as long as they receive what they paid for in a timely manner. Mapping your process with the Process Flow Template will help ensure that you are operating efficiently and increasing your delivery time will keep your customers happy.

Download: Process Flow Template