Process Diagram Template


Describing business processes in a professional, esthetically pleasing way can be more difficult than designing the processes themselves. Choosing a layout, color scheme and graphics to clearly communicate each step to those unacquainted with the process can be daunting. Relieve the stress of these details by downloading the free, totally customizable Process Diagram Template from this page. This template gives users the freedom to create a professional, custom diagram without the need for a background in design by providing a framework to aide users with formatting so they can focus on clearly communicating the process to clients and colleagues.

How to Use the Process Diagram Template

  • First, download the free, easy-to-use Process Diagram Template Power Point Document available on this page.
  • Second, break the process to be displayed down into steps and create graphics or images for each step. Add additional blocks to the Process Diagram Template as needed to create the perfect diagram for processes of all sizes and complexities.
  • Third, fill in each block of the diagram with the appropriate information. Add images and change colors and fonts as desired to create a truly original diagram for each project.

Tips for Using the Process Diagram Template

  • Take photographs of each step of the process to use in the blocks of the template in order to add visual interest and clarify steps that could be confusing.
  • Be careful when selecting information for your diagram. Make sure to include enough information and graphical aides to allow someone totally unfamiliar with the process described to follow along but don’t include so many details that the diagram becomes cluttered and hard to follow.
  • Employ a professional printing company to print a full size finished poster on a single sheet of card stock if a print out is needed. If the diagram is to be projected from a computer, load the diagram on the computer well before the actual event to check that all formatting holds, and that colors appear correctly and fonts are legible on the projection screen.

Describing processes to clients and colleagues should not be stressful and time consuming. Use this Process Diagram Template to quickly and easily create high quality, professional diagrams and spend less time on diagram design.

Download: Process Diagram Template