Printable Thank You Cards


Due to the increase of the internet and social networking, many people have moved away from the tradition of thank you cards. However, this age old tradition is an important part of our social interaction and relationship building. If offering a genuine thank you for gifts and event attendance is important to you, check out our printable thank you cards.

Why Use Printable Thank You Cards?

Many people avoid sending out traditional thank you cards because they simply forget to keep thank you cards on hand. This is why our printable thank you cards are so convenient. This template is available for free on this page. Our printable thank you cards can be printed out whenever you need them. You do not have to feel guilty over not having a thank you card handy ever again. This template is also customizable to Excel. This template is easy to use and downloadable right here.

When to Send a Printable Thank You Card

Sometimes people simply are not aware of when is the best time to send a traditional thank you card. The following is a list of appropriate times to send one of our printable thank you cards.

Following a Large Event

It is important to send personal thank you cards following an important event such as wedding shower, birthday party, baby shower or wedding. A personal thank you makes the attendees of your event know that you really appreciated their attendance to your event. Remember that sometimes people have gone to trouble to be a part of your event, so a thank you is definitely appropriate.

After Receiving a Gift

Following a gift, you should take a moment to thank the individual that sent it. You should consider the time and money that someone has invested in the gift and sincerely thank them. A thank you card is a sweet, little surprise that now days most people will not expect. This is a great way to show your appreciation.

A Significant Act of Kindness

There does not have to be a special event to show kindness. If someone has taken time out of their life to show a specific kindness to you, you should return the kindness by acknowledging it with a thank you card. Make sure people know that you are appreciative of all acts of kindness.

Download: Printable Thank You Cards