Price Quote Template


Free Price Quote Template

Businesses usually engage in their transactions with the aim of making a profit off of the sale of their products and/or services. To avoid confusion, price quotes are commonly provided by businesses to potential customers prior to any business transaction taking place. Price quotes insure that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the nature of the transaction before it takes place. A good price quote template will quickly and efficiently display that information in a written form.

Using the Price Quote Template

Microsoft Office’s “Blue Border Sales Quote” price quote template is completely customizable to suit the individual needs of any business. Best of all, it’s completely free to download from this site. Simply, click on the download link provided, open Microsoft Office’s “Blue Border Sales Quote” price quote template, customize your business’s settings, fill in the desired fields, save, and let template do the rest of the work for you!

A good price quote template like this one  is used primarily by businesses for record keeping purposes. For customers, it functions as an easily understandable page that details the exact nature of the products and/or services they mean to buy. A price quote template also invariably outlines the breakdown of the costs a customer will incur should they decide to proceed with a purchase of goods and/or services.

Microsoft’s template is one of the better price quote templates found on the market today. It’s professional appearance and easy-to-read fields give ample space for an organized display of:

  • The business’s and client’s respective contact information
  • Invoice information
  • Details about the chosen shipping method
  • The products and/or services that are to be rendered
  • Due dates
  • Subtotals, discounts, and sales tax.

Providing a quote in a professional and easily accessible way to potential customers is a necessary aspect of business. However, it can also be an inconsistent and time consuming practice for those businesses who try to convey the details of their transactions on a sale by sale basis. Still, many sales may hinge on a business’s ability to provide quick and efficient access to the information that can be found in a good price quote template. This fact alone makes this template one of the most desired interfaces out there for, both, businesses and consumers, alike.

Download: Price Quote Template