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Getting your message out to the public is often one of the perplexing aspects of running a successful business. Issuing a press release when you have interesting or newsworthy information to tell the public can be time-consuming, confusing and ineffective unless you are familiar with the proper steps. However, a Press Release Template can help ease the process of spreading important news.

Download a Press Release Template for Free

Writing a press release should not be daunting: Think of it as an announcement, much like a birth announcement for a new product; or a wedding or graduation announcement sent to friends; or even as an invitation to a special event. There are many reasons to issue a press release. If you have an e-mail Press Release Template to follow, it becomes second nature and the notice your company receives will boost public recognition, increase sales, and enhance credibility.

Certain rules exist, however; using the Press Release Template, which is customizable in Outlook for your specific needs and downloadable free of charge from this site, will ensure that your submission to various online and print media includes all the components required to be effective.

The Press Release Template Offers Guidelines

Every Press Release must include the following, and the proper format is important:

  • The date it is targeted for release
  • A person to contact for additional information
  • Complete company information: include name, address and telephone numbers and additional specific information
  • A headline or catchy, descriptive title

Use proper, accepted journalistic style. The principles are simple:

  • Include all the basic facts in the first paragraph. The “who, what, where, when, why and how” are, after all, the basic reasons for issuing a press release.
  • Remember, you are communicating information; you are not writing a novel. Be clear and succinct.
  • Second and succeeding paragraphs should flesh out the information, explaining the reasons why the item is newsworthy. Using the accepted “inverted pyramid” style is not a mystery. It simply means that the most important information appears first in the story. Then, if the information cannot be used in its entirety, it is easily shortened by eliminating entire paragraphs. It does not require rewriting by the news agency.
  • At the end, type “END” or “###”

The next time you have news to tell, you will find it to be an easy, enjoyable process if you use the Press Release Template for Outlook. Once you have it in your repertoire, you will find you have more news to tell.

Download: Press Release Template