Preschool Diploma Template


If your preschool is having a graduation soon, there is a Preschool Diploma template you can use available for download here. It can be customized to your school of choice very easily and made as unique as the children that are receiving them. Follow this little how-to guide to get a better understanding of how to use it and check out the following tips to fully customize it to your liking.

How to Use the Preschool Diploma Template

Download the file available on this page and open it. PowerPoint 2003 will execute the file and show you the basic outline of your diploma. The first step to customizing it is changing out the [Child’s Name] for the recipient of the diploma. Below that is a spot to swap the name of the school they are graduating from for [child’s school].

Where the document states signature in the bottom left you can enter the name of the presenter and the title they have at the preschool if you like. You can type in the date on the bottom right as well. This will give you a basic diploma, but if you wish to go further with customizations, then read on.

Tips for Using the Preschool Diploma Template

There are a couple things you can add to the Preschool Diploma template to make it more personal to the student that it is being recognized for their achievements. If you have a digital copy of the school mascot or maybe a logo that the school uses, you can add this to the document where you find room. If you wish to change the color of the outside border or use a different picture for the background you can do this as well. By adding a digital photo of the student who is receiving the diploma, they can see in the future what they looked like so long ago.

After you have printed out the template, have the person who is giving out the award sign the bottom left and make sure that the correct date has been entered on the bottom right. Laminating the award makes it last longer and gives it a professionally made quality. Make it a diploma that they will never forget.

The Preschool Diploma template could not be simpler to use. It is easy to customize the template to fit any preschool that wishes to use it. Add a few little touches that will make it even more special to the child that will be receiving it.

Download: Preschool Diploma Template