Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist


Free Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist

Being an expectant mother or the coach of one can be a stressful time. This time become especially stressful as the due date for the new baby approaches, which is why tools such as this pregnancy hospital bag checklist are so important. It helps both the pregnant woman and her labor coach breathe easier knowing that they are fully prepared for the day of delivery. Preparing this list together can be a fun way to get excited about the delivery and quell any lingering nervousness.

This pregnancy hospital bag checklist consists of three sections. There is one for the expectant mother, one for the coach, and one for the baby, which makes it nearly impossible to forget any item. Completing the list then using it to pack the hospital bag is an ideal way to provide the whole family with a sense of comfort. It is especially important since babies can come at almost any time so having a bag prepared ahead of time is vital to an easy delivery day.

How to Use this Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist

  1. First, download this pregnancy hospital bag checklist right from this page. It is quick and easy to download by clicking the link and as an added benefit it is entirely free.
  2. Next, open up Microsoft Word and begin to customize the template with items specific to the expecting mom, coach, and soon to be new member of the family. Be sure to take your time and work together to create a list that consists of all the necessary elements.
  3. Finally, print out the template and prepare to pack the hospital bag. Go through each item on the pregnancy hospital bag checklist until every single one is checked off so you are ready to go when labor begins.

Tips for Using this Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist

  • Complete this pregnancy hospital bag checklist earlier than you think. Labor may begin much earlier than the due date and since this can be a stressful occurrence, having the bag ready is advantageous.
  • Do not forget to pack materials for downtime for the coach and relaxation for the mom such as books, magazines, music, etc. as this is often overlooked.
  • Remember to bring important items for the newborn such clothes, a blanket, car seat, and any special items that family members want the new baby to have upon birth.
  • Always be prepared with a list of phone numbers of friends and family to contact when the baby is born.

Download: Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist