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Free PPT Slides Templates

PowerPoint slides are often used to present information at company meetings, as sales presentations, and by students giving oral reports at school. PowerPoint slides are easy to use, and can be used on any computer that has the PowerPoint software. Using the designer PPT slides templates on this page will let you put together presentations that have a large visual impact and display information clearly.

How to Use the PPT Slides Templates

The free, downloadable PPT slides templates on this page can be customized for any presentation you need to give. To use it, follow these simple steps:

  • The template has three different slides, each has a different function. The first slide is a title slide. First, add a title for the presentation. The title should be descriptive and catch the attention of listeners. Next add any subtitles, name of the presenter, or presentation date.
  • The next slide is used to convey the main points of a presentation. Add a title for the slide that clearly states the point you want to make. Enter bullet points that support the main point you are discussing. For an effective presentation, make sure that: The slides are not overly complicated or full of text. The slide title should be consistent with other slides in the presentation.
  • The third slide is also used to present information, but is formatted so that graphics can be used. Insert graphs, charts, or other graphics that you want to use, that provide a visual statement about your presentation. To the right of the graphic is an area that can be used to highlight something specific about a graph or chart. Graphics used should do the following: Clearly display the information. Do not use clip-art or common images.

Tips for Using the PPT Slides Templates

  • Create as many slides as you need for your presentation by copying the appropriate slide. Keep each slide as simple as possible. It’s better to have multiple slides than one slide with too much information.
  • Use the PPT slides templates to make presentations for use at school, work, or any other function at which you need to speak.

Download: PPT Slides Templates