Postcard Template


The postcard template allows you to create and send announcements or direct mail promotions that you have created using Microsoft Publisher. It is available to download free from this page by clicking the link.

You can easily customize the link in Microsoft Publisher with both text and graphics to make it an announcement to remember. Because it is integrated with Avery 5389, 5889, and 8386, you can use it to create as many 4″ X 6″ postcards as you need with confidence.

How to Use the Bar Border Postcard Template for Microsoft Publisher

  • Select the graphic design or background that you plan to use with the template and import it into the template document once you have opened it.
  • Choose your style of font and font color in each section and then enter your company information and the information that you will be sending about the promotion or announcement.
  • Save the document and preview it before printing to either an inkjet or laser printer

Tips for using the Bar Border Postcard Template for Microsoft Publisher

  • Feel free to add your company logo in place of text if that is how you commonly represent yourself. The logo can also be added above the company name field and then the company name field can be used as a slogan or not at all.
  • Your promotion text can also contain an imported graphic that can be placed strategically on the background that you have selected.
  • Consider using a promotion code with your announcement that recipients can give you when they call in or respond so you can track the success of your postcard mailing.
  • As you proceed, do not forget to continue to keep an eye on aesthetics or overall design with regard to the color blends that you are creating.
  • Also consider listing your website address when you are completing your company information.

When you combine the power of Microsoft Publisher with the flexibility of Avery design, you end up with a Postcard template that can be used for almost any occasion. The postcard template is one of the hundreds of templates and spreadsheets brought to you free of charge at

Download: Postcard Template

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