Post Mortem Template


Success in business is no accident. It takes dedication, hard work, good planning and excellent execution of plans to achieve success. Because of all the hard work and often expense of implementing a project plan, tempers can run high and emotions will rule the day without proper care after a plan fails. Having an organized discussion of what worked and what didn’t is the purpose of the business post mortem. The post mortem template makes getting organized for and staying on track during your post mortem meeting much easier than if you go it alone.

How to Use the Post Mortem Template

Using the post mortem template is as simple as a click away. All you need is Powerpoint 2003 or later and an idea of what went wrong with your project. Download the template for free on this very page.

  • Fill in the name of your project and your name on the first slide, then click through to complete the relevant slides.
  • Use the spaces provided to fill in the project’s successes and challenges. There are also slides to compare expectations versus reality for schedule, quality, planning, research and development, management, manufacturing, quality assurance, marketing, sales, what went right, what went wrong and recommendations.
  • The template is completely customizable. Delete irrelevant slides or use only the most relevant ones to really focus on what you feel is most significant.

Tips for Using the Post Mortem Template

Keep in mind the purpose of your post mortem. Focus on what will be best for the business now and in the future, including building your team and keeping morale up. You want growth, after all.

  • Be sure to use blame-neutral language in your slides. Although tempers may be high and finger pointing tempting, the post mortem template is designed to organize your points in a professional manner to best build your team and help your business grow.
  • Reorganize the slides as needed to emphasize whatever you fell to be the most important. Consider front-loading your presentation with the good news so that everyone is feeling capable of adding constructively to the discussion of the problems.
  • It is possible to add photos or graphics of your own, such as charts from the project to the post mortem template. Doing so will allow your project team to feel a personal connection to the presentation and encourage teamwork.

Download: Post Mortem Template