Political Flyer Template


Screenshot of the Political Flyer Template

The flyer is one of the oldest forms of political advertising there is. Whether it’s a local election for a county seat, or an ancient Roman trying to win a place in the senate, flyers have been around for centuries. The reason is because they work. However, in order to get a flyer that does its job right it has to be attractive, eye-catching and it has to be unique. Not everyone that wants to put political flyers up can make something that meets all of those requirements from scratch. Fortunately they don’t have to, as long as they have access to the political flyer template.

What is The Political Flyer Template?

The political flyer template is a simple file that can easily be downloaded off of our website. Free to anyone that wants it, the template is set up in Microsoft Excel, and it can be easily modified just by opening it up and filling in the blanks.

All someone has to do is alter the text to reflect the political cause or candidate they’re supporting, fill out any important websites or email addresses, and include all of the pertinent information necessary in a short, easy to read, punchy format.

Once the flyer has been modified to the individual’s standards, all he or she has to do is click Save As, and name the newly-modified flyer something easy to remember. This creates a new file that can be brought up, changed and printed at will, and it saves the original template just as it is for the next political flyer that needs to be made up.

Benefits of The Political Flyer Template

Once someone has access to this political flyer template, they’ve cut a lot of work out of the process for themselves. It’s easy to use for one thing, and it’s simple to alter. There’s no new software or hardware to buy, since it works on Microsoft Excel, and the template itself is completely free to download. This means that the only cost someone is going to incur is in printing and spreading the flyers around town.

Download: Political Flyer Template