Plumber Resume Template


Free Plumber Resume Template

If you have experience and know what you are doing with pipes, this Plumber Resume Template can help you quickly and easily get your next job. It is available here for free and you can make your resume in a short amount of time. Here is a little guide to customize this professional template.

How to Use the Plumber Resume Template

If you have software that is compatible with Microsoft Word 2003, when you open the file you downloaded, then you are ready to start editing. The first things you can change are putting your name, address and contact information in the spaces provided at the top left of the document. Below that is a place to enter your license information. The Profile area can give a general background of your most important accomplishment or the number of years that you have been a plumber.

The Qualifications sections gives you many bullet points to put anything that you have qualification for. The Highlights of Experience gives information about prior experience in the plumbing field and discusses positive achievements throughout your career. The Employment section gives space to provide information about previous employers. The Education section can highlight the schools you attended and the degrees obtained. Interests can be changed to things that you do and ways that you give back to the community as well.

Tips on Using the Plumber Resume Template

The first bit of information a perspective employer wants to know is what you are already qualified to do. This is found near the top of the Plumber Resume Template and you should put anything that you can do for your future employer that you can think of. Highlights of Experience is a good place to really show off work that you have done. Do not be modest. You can add awards that you have received and promotions that you got while working at different companies. Put yourself out there and try to convince the reader of this resume that you are the best candidate and can handle any plumbing work that they can throw at you.

This free and easy to use Plumber Resume Template can be used to help you get your next job in the plumbing business. It is easy to use and in fifteen minutes you can have your professional looking resume completed and sent out to your next employer.

Download: Plumber Resume Template