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Pie Chart Free

Pie charts are a simple way to display information in a meaningful, easy-to-absorb way. However, creating a pie chart can be difficult for those who aren’t very computer savvy. Unless, that is, an individual has access to a Microsoft Excel template that allows them to make these charts without any great difficulty. What’s better, getting one of these pie chart templates is easy and free on this page!

Our Free Pie Chart Template

Making pie charts has never been easier than with this particular chart we’re giving away for free. All someone has to do is go to the link, download the template, and then plug in all of the data they have available. Once all the data is plugged in users can then poke and prod at the specific settings for the pie chart itself to alter how it’s displayed. This means that users can change the colors of the pie chart, along with the particular look such as whether it’s flat, three-dimensional, etc. Once someone has the chart the way they prefer it, all that’s left to do is save, print, and present.

How to Use This Pie Chart Template

This template is actually very easy to use, which is perhaps one of its greatest benefits. All one has to do is download the template and save it on his or her computer. Once saved simply open up the template, and click “Save As”. Name it something memorable that reflects what the chart is (such as “February Spending”), and then put that chart in an easy to find location. Now the user will have two files; the original template and the new file. The new file can then be filled out and saved until the chart is complete and all of the data are entered.

Few charts make an impression the way a pie chart does on a reader. They can convey a lot of important information very quickly, and that can be invaluable when it comes time to inform an audience about what, exactly, is happening. Whether it’s for business, school, or work, these charts can be worth more than 1,000 words. Also, hanks to this handy, dandy template, charts are easy to create with no more than a few minutes of effort at exactly zero cost. So why wait one more day? Get a template now, and start adding charts to all your reports.

Download: Pie Chart