Physical Inventory Count Sheet


Free Physical Inventory Count Sheet

All businesses need to keep careful track of what comes in and what goes out. Having an accurate account of what has been received and whether it matches orders is crucial to making decisions about future orders. Having an inaccurate picture of the flow of product can lead to an over-supply or shortage of goods on location and therefore to wasted capital or unhappy clients. Thus it is best to have an organized account of what is in stock and to keep records using a physical inventory count sheet. Sometimes a simple method is the surest way to stay on top of the numbers.

The Physical Inventory Count Sheet Helps Keep Things Organized

Disorganization happens when there is no routine way to list and count important items or gauge inflow and outflow. This free template provides a straightforward way to list and count inventory items so as to keep a running total of goods received and still available on the shelf. This Physical Inventory Count Sheet template can be customized as needed and is available for download here. Without forms such as the physical inventory count sheet, it may be impossible to know what percentage of which items are selling, need to be sold, need to be ordered, or how much of something is left in stock. But with access to inventory records, assessments such as these can be made.

How to Use the Physical Inventory Count Sheet

This form is easy to read and easy to use.

  • Download the Physical Inventory Count Sheet template and save the file for future use.
  • The form allows you to give each sheet an identifying number, a date, and has fields for the person overseeing the inventory and the appropriate department.
  • Use the lower fields to list inventory numbers, descriptions, prices, quantities, and locations of each item.
  • A signature field is present for someone to verify the information.

Using a professional, printed, and straightforward inventory form can serve to promote business best practices by helping to build a record of data and quantify and categorize a business’s inventory, which in turn helps determine a business’s overall strategy.

Download: Physical Inventory Count Sheet