Physical Exam Form


Physical Exam Form Free

An annual physical exam is a good way to keep track of a patients health and to insure that any and all problems or symptoms are caught early and prevented from turning into greater ailments. With this in mind it is important to insure that the patients information is taken down accurately and the information is easily accessible to all staff that may need it. The Physical Exam Form we have provided, for free on this page, is met to facilitate this task and can be easily merged into any medical office’s existing work flow.

How to Use Physical Exam Form

To use the physical exam form, fill in the following:

Basic Information
Fill in all the basic information, such as name, age and date of birth.

Risk Factors
Any risk factors the patient may have can be listed here. You will find this section of the Physical Exam Form works well with bullet style notes as the form is setup to automatically number each ailment or risk as they are listed off.

Disease Prevention and Recommendation
The Disease Prevention and Recommendation section of the Physical Exam Form is met for one to leave more info and instructions for the patient to follow in order to improve their health in the future and make sure their condition doesn’t worsen.

Health Maintenance
The Health Maintenance section is met to keep track of all patients immunizations and lab work they have completed as well as all other treatments that need to be scheduled in the future. You will find that although each section is setup already, any of the variables can be changed as pertaining to each patient. There is a section to title each immunization and lab work as well as a date section that one can fill out when the procedure was done, when it will be done, or if the procedure still needs to be scheduled (indicted by “WS” or Will Schedule). There is also a section to leave further comments and notes as well as when the next physical can be scheduled.

ROS & Physical Exam

The ROS and Physical Exam Section are a quick checklist where one can leave further comments or notes as pertaining to more detailed info about the patient such as the cardiovascular or respiratory system, etc. as well as leaving notes on specific body parts such as if the patient had a hernia, etc.

Download: Physical Exam Form