Photography Release Form Template


Free Photography Release Form Template

When you shoot a film or take photos of people, the most important thing for you to do is to get a release form. A release form is a document that signs over the rights to a person’s likeness to use for most purposes. If you neglect to get release forms for actors or photography subjects, you can run into legal trouble if you start selling the film or photo. Many people are intimidated by the idea of creating a legal document alone, but a Photography Release Form Template is a simple way to avoid the hassle.

Using the Photography Release Form Template

  1. To begin, download the Photography Release Form Template offered for free on this web page.
  2. Look over the document, remove or add any legal clauses you want to, feel free to modify and customize the document to fit your exact needs.
  3. Once you are happy with how the release form looks, print it out and have your actor or subject fill it out before shooting, make sure to have the document signed and dated. All the subject needs to do is to write down his name, address, phone, and to sign the document.
  4. Finally, you or somebody else who was present should sign the “Witness for the undersigned” section, verifying that the document was used properly.

Tips for Using the Photography Release Form Template

  • After you have a completed form, put it in a safe place. It is best to have a dedicated binder or folder to keep release forms in so they do not get lost.
  • If you are hiring a child actor, add a second signature line for the parent or guardian to sign on behalf of the child.
  • Go over the form with the subject, making sure they understand what they are signing. Not only will it stop any confusion, you will also make a good impression on the subject by being so upfront.

Remember, the Photography Release Form Template is endlessly customizable and can be adjusted to fit your needs exactly. Make sure to use it for your next project so you can properly reflect your professionalism.

Download: Photography Release Form Template