Photo Release Form Template


Free Photo Release Form Template

This Photo Release Form Template is ideal for anyone in the media industry. This pre-made professional template is easy to customize and use. This photo release form template can be filled out on the computer by you and signed by any participants in video or photography projects. It adds an air of professionalism to any project. It is also important to protect the videographer or photographer from any kind of trouble that may arise in this profession, shows that the subject was fully aware that they were being recorded, and clearly states for what purpose that recording was made.

Downloading the Photo Release Form Template

This form is very simple to use and available for immediate download by anyone who has a computer equipped with Microsoft Word 2013. To download, simply click on the “download” button and accept the terms of service. The file will appear in your downloads folder and is ready to edit. It’s as simple as that.

How to use the Photo Release Form Template

  • After downloading the file, go to your downloads folder and click on the file
  • The file should open immediately in Microsoft Word. It is now ready to edit.
  • Complete all fields, entering in the appropriate information for your current project (name of participants, purpose of the video, etc.)
  • After filling out the form with the proper information, simply print out the form and have the participant sign it
  • Keep the form for your own records. You may reuse this form as many times as you’d like

In the world of video and photography, you cannot be too careful. Download this simple Photo Release Form template today and put it to use within your business immediately. Whether you are a professional, amateur or part time freelancer, this form will suit your needs perfectly. It is even possible to print out a few of these forms with open blanks to be filled in on the spot, if necessary. This form takes the guesswork out of legal matters, saving you time and energy that could be better spend on your work.

Download: Photo Release Form Template