Photo ID Badge Template


Free Photo ID Badge Template

In business a photo ID is important and is for security purposes. Having the ID’s made can be costly, but for the sake of safety these types of measures have to be taken. Companies want to be assured that their staff wears and ID to identify who is supposed to be in the building and who is an intruder. The Photo ID Badge Template also saves the company money. This is also an incentive to using the template.

How To Use The Photo ID Badge Template

  • Once the Photo ID Badge Template is saved on the computer, open the Microsoft program up. A photo ID template will appear. Then add the information that is required on the card. The ID requires for a name to be type. The first and last name. You will add the ID number along with the companies name at the very bottom.
  • The next step is to make the necessary color choice and design choice. After you have finished, you will want to safe the template and save it under a different name. This is good to do so that if an employee loses an ID, you can always go to the ID that is already designed to you specification.

The template is easy to use and it is customizable. Download the template for free here.

Tips On How To Use The Photo ID Badge Template

The template makes it easier than ever to make a Photo ID Badge. Designing an ID gives you control on the design choice and colors.

  • First thing to do is change the color on the photo box to whatever color you find is fitting for your company. You will want to choose a color and the press the control button and click on the outside of where it reads “Photo Here”, then click around the area to change the color.
  • After all the information is filled in the Badge, you can change the font and color to those that fit the company colors or you find to be the most professional.
  • After all the necessary changes are made, you will want to print out your finished masterpiece. Then add a photo and laminate the Photo ID Badge. Now you have a professional looking ID.

The Photo ID Badge Template is ideal for any business.

Download: Photo ID Badge Template