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Photographs are a wonderful historical and deeply rooted ancestral contribution to the longevity of family, community, and society. Photos are a viable means of preserving history, culture, and social idioms that are captured one moment in time. Much of human history has been preserved through photos and an effective means to create meaningful organization to them is through a photo album. Throwing photos into an album does not do them any justice if they are not organized, carefully displayed, and secured in a manner that can is non-destructible. The photo album can be best described as a movie background where history and memories are played out. A photo album template is the very thing needed within each photo album to organize by category, date, and subject of each photo so that each one has meaningful and a wonderful story is being told.

Using the Photo Album Template

A photo album template has the resources to create a meaningful photo album. Organizing photos is a time consuming job, and unfortunately is not done often. Two hundred photos of the granddaughter’s wedding flung in a large baggie have no meaning. They are just a bunch of pictures in a large baggie. If they are organized in beautiful photo albums with a photo album template, then they become contributions to family and social history.

A photo album template gives date, time, subject, and captioning options for each photo in the album. Every snapshot can begin to tell an exciting story and those who will view it later can be transported back to the event. That makes a good photo album useful and functional. At some point the photo album becomes a visual history for posterity. Future generations can recount the history of today through well preserved and organized photo albums. History will be re-enlivened for others, and at some point this history may count in some larger context.

A photo album template is available for download on this page. This template is completely downloadable, and has capabilities to create customizable download templates for most photo album subject matter. If there should be a need for a birthday party photo album template, it can be downloaded, customized and printed from this site. Here at, downloads for any template offered is free of charge. This is a great opportunity to get those photos organized and displayed in a manner that is functional and preserves precious family history and memories. Photos speak a thousand words.

Download: Photo Album Template