Pet Health Record Template


Screenshot of the Pet Health Record Template

When we take our pets to the vet, they ask us, “Is your pet allergic to anything? When was their last round of shots?” Would you be able to answer that? If you went to the doctor, wouldn’t they ask you almost the same questions about your own health, so why shouldn’t it be just as important to be able to keep track of our beloved pet’s health, to ensure happy long lives for everyone in the family. For keeping track of those important records, veterinary visits, and overall health events of your pet, or pets, we have a fully customizable free-download of a Pet Health Record Template, using the user-friendly Microsoft program Excel.

This easy-to-use Pet Health Record Template program will help you keep track of your pet’s visits, and when multiple pets need to make a dash to the veterinarian’s office, this program allows you to monitor the health of individual pets without the fear of mixing up their medical histories.

Once the spreadsheet that is available free on this page is downloaded, you can begin customizing your Excel Pet Health Record Template! This site also provides Templates for keeping track of your own doctor’s visits and important health information.

Helpful Tips For Using the Pet Health Record Template

  • Keep your records current by using the easy-to-use Pet Health Record Template when you get home from the veterinarian and you are considering throwing away that piece of paper that the vet gave you on your way out. That sheet will have a list of tests, prescribed medications, and even the type of shots your pet received. Just take two minutes to enter these records into your Excel Template.
  • Use the Immunization Record box and Medications box to log when your pet receives important yearly, or biyearly shots, as well as the medications your vet prescribes for your pet.
  • Keeping track of your pets know health conditions and allergies could be very important to their health. Allergic reactions can be prevented if you are able to remember what triggers their reactions.
  • Keep track of your pet’s veterinarian visits in the largest box on the bottom of the Pet Health Record Template. Even when our pets don’t show outward signs of being ill, a yearly vet visit is important to finding silent ailments, and ensuring overall good health.

Download: Pet Health Record Template