Pet Adoption Template


Screenshot of the Pet Adoption Template

You care about homeless pets and want them all to have the best home that can be provided for them. Of course you would adopt them all if you could but that, as we all know, is not practical or fair for the pet. With the Pet Adoption Template, you can reach as many potential adopters in your community in an eye-catching and creative way. The more people who see your poster, the more chances you have of providing a forever home for a loving dog or cat.

The Pet Adoption Template is available free right here. You may customize it for your own needs as each part can be used for text or pictures. The template is easy to use and downloadable. The less time you spend on making posters is more time spent on finding homes for needy pets.

How to Use the Pet Adoption Template

You want your most important information in the pet adoption template first and largest. Use the middle most area to let your future adopter know what they need to know: Pet Adoption.

After the adopter knows that there is a pet adoption they will, of course, need to know where the pet adoption is to take place. Provide a brief description of the place where the adoption will take place. If it is a well-known place, for instance a major community center, simply give the name. If it is at a pet store or a place not so well-known to your community, provide a brief address.

Once the event and the place are known the adopter will need to know where the event is to take place. Since this is something that the adopter would read after you have their attention, it does not need to take up the same amount of space in your pet adoption template. Place this in a smaller font near the bottom.

The rest of the space can be used for pictures and customization. We recommend you place pictures of both dogs and cats if that is what you are adopting. It would also be beneficial to show pets and children as many potential adopter are wary of having children and pets together. A picture of a child with a pet helps to alleviate this fear.

Pet ownership is a rewarding experience. Inspire your community with the pet adoption template.

Download: Pet Adoption Template