Personal Trainer Business Cards


Free Personal Trainer Business Cards

The ability to self promote businesses or events has rapidly increased with the ability to use social media. However, while social sites can offer results, regular or potential clients like the idea of having something they hold onto, refer to, and show to friends and family without the necessity of a PC, laptop or any digital device. For trainers, publicity and promotion is crucial for business, and with the Personal Trainer Business Cards, trainers can advertise their locations, services, and contact information as much as they like and leave their interested candidates with all the necessary information in the palm of their hands.

Using the Personal Trainer Business Cards Template

The Personal Trainer Business Cards template is available for free using the link provided on this page. Users are required to have access to Microsoft Word 2003 or later in order to have a successful process of downloading the template. Once Word is accessible, the Personal Trainer Business Cards template instantly opens on the PC or laptop for super easy customization and completion. To get your Personal Trainer Business Cards ready for print, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • The Microsoft Word template for Personal Trainer Business Cards allows for up to 10 business cards per page.
  • The cards feature two athletic figures in motion, both designed with a blue shadow highlight.
  • Beside the icon, the user can fill out the company name, personal name, and all various methods of contact information.
  • Users can adjust or vary font size and definition to highlight specific details, like preferred method of contact and company title, as well as best available times for work.

Once all of the following steps have been completed, users can print as many business cards as needed in order to spread the word of their services. Even cooler, the business card template can be used much more effectively, depending on the classes the personal trainer is offering. For example, if the personal trainer offers special kid classes, senior adult classes, or has specific certifications in special exercise courses, he or she can make additional cards that cater to a more unique audience, which can only add to the clientele that has already been established.

Business cards not only promote business, but give the personal trainer the confidence of a professional, for when asked for immediate information, he or she will be perfectly equipped to show their certification.

Download: Personal Trainer Business Cards