Personal Budget Template


Screenshot of the Personal Budget Template

Everyone needs to create a budget and stick to it to achieve their personal financial goals. However, the process is often regarded as tedious. It does not have to be. A simple method of creating a budget is filling out a personal budget worksheet. To stick the budget plan created, one transfers it to a tracking device, such as the personal budget template for Excel.

The personal budget template allows one to see at a glance what is coming in, what is going out, and what each amount is going out for. Ready access to this knowledge allows one to reach one’s own personal goals. Download this complimentary template today.

How to Use Personal Budget Template

  • First, customize your free personal budget worksheet with your personal budget items and save file. Be sure to include housing, medical and living expenses as well as all sources of income.
  • Second, fill in the current month of your personal budget worksheet with the values. The worksheet will calculate the total for each subgroup monthly and yearly. It will also display each item graphically at the end of the worksheet.
  • Third, repeat the second step monthly to easily track the budget over time. This step is key for a budget is only as good as it is followed.

Tips for Using Personal Budget Template

  • First, before setting up your personal budget worksheet for the first time, gather all your major bills together in one place to assist in changing the template to fit your specific needs.
  • Second, enter your expenses and your income as they come into your personal budget template. Doing so will assist you in remembering to use the template. It also will help you keep your budget in sight and on target.
  • Third, remember to backup and print off your personal budget worksheet. Place it where you will see it often. Doing so will encourage you to stay on budget.

Creating and tracking a budget is something everyone needs to do. Using the personal budget template here at will help make the task simple to do.

Download: Personal Budget Template