Patient Registration Form


Free Patient Registration Form

If you own a private practice or operate a clinic, you understand the importance of documents that are easy to read and complete. You also understand that having these documents created and printed can create a significant overhead expense. You can now use a pre-designed template, such as the patient registration form template, to generate a customized patient registration form that will be specific to your particular practice.

Patient Registration Form: Simplicity at its Best

The patient registration form template is easy to create, customize and download. It even allows you to add the name of your practice, which is an important part of your branding process. All of the fields are customizable, allowing you to include all pertinent data and questions necessary to build a patient profile for you practice.

This template is available as a free download on this page. Simply take the time to customize the fields to suit your needs, and then down load the form so that it can be printed out. This form is great for mass production or for printing a select few with specific variations.

You can change the way dates and names are entered or add questions and data fields.

Patient Registration Form Usage Tips

You can do a number of things to enhance your experience with using this template. Some of the small nuances that you can try are:

  • Take the time understand the different nuances that make your practice different and allow your registration form to reflect that
  • Understand that every document is also a part of your branding process
  • Don’t overdo it when you make changes to the template – making it too busy and difficult to read and complete
  • Consider the perfect combination of comprehensive and concise
  • The key is to make the form simplistic for your patients
  • Be sure that the font will be large enough to be for the patient to read with ease

This patient registration form template will allow you to provide a level of professionalism from the initial contact, allowing you to positively impact the patient’s initial impression of you. Once you complete your patient registration form, you will be able to download, save and print it out.

Download: Patient Registration Form