Patient Medical Bill Tracker


Free Patient Medical Bill Tracker

Is it your job or do you have a company where you have to keep track of the medical bills that come in and go out? Who has paid, who is past due and how much is owed? You have come to the right spot. The Patient Medical Bill Tracker is a perfect sheet that was created with this very purpose in mind and it is easily downloaded right here on this page. Once you download the Patient Medical Bill Tracker you just have to open it up in Microsoft Excel and insert the information. The Microsoft Excel document can be used both on Windows and Macintosh.

Using the Patient Medical Bill Tracker

When you open the document it comes populated with the following options:

  • Date of the Bill
  • Billing Party Name
  • Description of Services
  • Total Amount Billed
  • Amount #1 Insurance Paid
  • Amount #2 Insurance Paid
  • Out-of-pocket Expenses
  • Check Number
  • Amount Due

The Patient Medical Bill Tracker comes with this information already on it but you can add, subtract or change anything you want on it to make it work best for your needs. Once you place the information for all the available fields it will break it down with the Total Billed Dollar amount and Total due paid by insurance. It helps prevent any missing payments from slipping by unpaid and make sure that they get paid in a timely manner.

All you have to do is make sure you update the information on your Patient Medical Bill Tracker as you send out invoices and when you receive payments. No more fumbling through files of paperwork to confirm whether you have been paid or not. Once you update the information you can file the paperwork and forget about it until the next billing period. The formulas that have been built into the convenient Patient Medical Bill Tracker easily total each group of money paid and received and give you an easy-to-read and informative balance at a glance. All of the balances details and in depth information below that can easily be filed and sorted by any category such as date, dollar amount or customer name.

The Patient Medical Bill Tracker is downloadable on this page and available at absolutely no cost. Take advantage of this form and help make your medical billing a lot easier today!

Download: Patient Medical Bill Tracker