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Free Past Due Notice

As a landlord there will be times when your tenants are late with their rent. That’s money you need for expenses, upkeep and tax purposes, not to mention that you’re missing out on profit. Sometimes your tenants may only be a few days late, other times they may be even longer than that. Late rent isn’t always due to your tenant not being able to pay, sometimes life is just hectic and things are overlooked or forgotten. This situation calls for a Past Due Notice in order to inform your tenant that they are late with their payment, how much they owe you and where they can pay it in order to avoid a late fee. How do you write a Past Due Notice? It needs to be professional, but avoid language that might be construed negative or condescending. The Past Due Notice Template word document is the perfect tool for the job.

How to Use the Past Due Notice Template

The template is customizable and easy use, simply fill in the blanks provided with the needed information. Fill out your own information; name, address, etc. and then save the document. This way you’ll have it filled in for use with any of your tenants. Be sure to fill out the tenants name and dates of when the payment was missed, how many days it has been and how much they owe. You can download the Past Due Notice Template for free here on this page and get started right away.

Tips for Using the Past Due Notice Template

  • As the landlord, odds are you’ve had dealing with your tenants in the past and will continue to have them in the future. Try adding a personal touch; thank them for choosing to live there.
  • Keep a copy of the notice for your own records. If there are any problems in the future you’ll have it for reference.
  • While sending out a reminder asking for your money can at times feel awkward, it is necessary but be aware that late payments can be embarrassing and awkward for your tenants as well.

Download: Past Due Notice