Party Invitation Template


Spring and summer parties for birthdays, holidays or family reunions need an eye-catching invitation to attract a crowd of guests. This floral party invitation template provides a unique template for hosts and hostesses to create a customized invitation. It is ideal for spring or summer with the floral theme but would also make a great birthday party invitation all year round.

Unfortunately, many hosts turn to online invitations through e-mail or social media today, but it is so impersonal. Use this party invitation template to make your guests feel welcome and wanted.

How to Use the Party Invitation Template in Publisher

First, download this completely free template for Microsoft Publisher. It is easy to download right from this site then customize with specific party details. There are just four quick steps to follow to effectively use this bright, colorful and attention grabbing party invitation template.

Second, customize the inside portion of the invitation with all the party details such as the date, time, location, RSVP requirements and so on. This is an important step to make sure that all the necessary information is provided to guests.

Third, print out and fold the party invitations. The invitations will print out easily on standard 8.5 by 11 inch printer paper. Then, fold them into A2 size with just two simple folds. It is fun to include kids or other family members in this step.

Fourth, distribute the party invitations. Some hosts prefer to send the invitations traditionally by mail while others choose to distribute them in person. Either way, the last step is to distribute the invitations to all the potential guests then simply wait for their excited responses to attend the event.

Tips for Using the Party Invitation Template in Publisher

  • Plan ahead when using this party invitation template so invitations are sent with plenty of time for guests to respond. Since many people plan ahead and have busy schedules, sending invitations on time is vital to a successful party.
  • Always include a way to contact the host within the center of the invitation. This is important in case potential guests have any questions or concerns about the party as it approaches such as needing details or directions.
  • It is helpful to create a guest list prior to printing and folding these invitations. It ensures that the host does not leave anyone out of the party or forget to give them an invitation.

Download: Party Invitation Template