Party Flyer Template


Microsoft Party Flyer Template

The Party Flyer Template, downloadable in Microsoft Publisher, is a fun template to use to create party invitations. The Party Flyer Template is completely free and very easy to download. You will be able to customize the flyer with your own text and designs.

Creating Flyers With the Party Flyer Template

After you have downloaded the Party Flyer Template, and saved it to your desktop, you will be able to add the information you have gathered for your event.

In the header of the flyer put information about the theme of the party. If it is a birthday party you can add information about the person, for example, “Come & Help us Celebrate John’s 7th Birthday!”

You will want to make sure that you include the location and address of the event at the top of your flyer. Make sure you give an address that can be located with a GPS system since so many people use a GPS on their phone or in their car.

You can have fun adding graphics to promote the theme of the party. If it is a birthday party, you can add clipart of balloons, or a cake and candles.

Working with Publisher to create a flyer can be fun. If you are creating a baby shower party flyer, you can use colors for a boy or girl theme if the parents already know the baby’s gender. Enjoy using fun colors and fonts to illustrate your flyer.

In the body of the flyer, you will want to describe the details of your party. In this section, you will be able to add details about the party. Let the guests know what they need to bring. For example, if you are hosting a pool party remind the guests to bring their swimsuits, towels and sunblock.

The lower half of the Party Flyer Template is for you to add the time and date of the party. Also, you can let guests know if you would like for them to RSVP. Be sure to add a phone number to your flyer, so that guests will be able to call you.

The Party Flyer Template is a fun project for young and old alike. Let your children create and design their own party flyer. Teenagers will enjoy creating their own particular style of flyer. Most of all have fun being creative designing your own party flyer.

Download: Party Flyer Template