Pantry Inventory List


Free Pantry Inventory List

Organization is an important factor to a healthy lifestyle. When a life is organized, it is more relaxing and easier to manage. A pantry inventory list can be great boon to supporting life organization. Such a list can be used to easily keep track of all your food and grocery items so that you have one less thing to worry about in your hectic life.

This pantry inventory list template will tell you exactly what you have and exactly what you’re lacking. There’s no more guess work when it’s time to go grocery shopping.

How to Use the Pantry Inventory List Template Excel Document

  • First, set up your lists in the lists tab. In this tab you will find the different categories of items you want to keep track of. The template already has several example item types to get you going. This list can be expanded or shrunk to fit your needs.
  • Second, open the inventory tab and fill out the list of items in your pantry. There is a lot of information you are able to track here. The left-hand-side of this tab includes a filter where you can just view items from a specific category.
  • Finally, by viewing your summary tab in the , you can get a brief overview of all the items in your pantry. The summary of your inventory lists provides a great “at a glance” overview of everything stocked in your inventory.

Tips for Using the Pantry Inventory List Template Excel Document

  • First, this pantry inventory list template can be used for more than just food and grocery items. You can also track toys, games, jewelry, or anything else!
  • Second, you can download your customized Excel inventory list to your smartphone so you can keep track of your inventory even while on the go.
  • Third, make sure to keep this list up to date. You don’t want to be left with an inaccurate inventory list by not using the most recent items in your home.

Download: Pantry Inventory List