Packing Slip Template


Screenshot of the Packing Slip Template

Order fulfillment is the logical endpoint of a typical business and customer interaction. When the customer is opening and inspecting your delivered goods, this is the last chance you have as a business to leave a good impression on the initial touch you have with them. It would make strong business sense to have a clean and professional packing slip so your customers can easily determine whether the proper good are present. This freely available and customizable packing slip template makes your job easier as a business to deliver that final professional touch. Download and modify it right here. It is incredibly easy to begin making a lasting final impression on your customers.

How to Use the Packing Slip Template

  • The most vital piece of information to include on the template itself is your business information. Start with including your business name, contact information and logo. Chooses a crisp image for your logo to ensure that you maintain the professional image.
  • Update the packing slip template with any special language you have for your business process.
  • Save a copy of the template to a safe place and create a new copy for each order that is being fulfilled. Ensure that this master template does not get altered accidentally.

Tips for Using the Packing Slip Template

  • If you use order fulfillment related software, ensure that you can use a custom packing slip template with it. There may be other steps needed to make sure that everything is compatible.
  • Consider using a black and white logo for your packing slips. This can significantly cut down on printing expenses and be a surprisingly easy place to reduce expenditures.
  • Ensure that if your contact information changes, you update the template appropriately.
  • Consider having a web point of contact (a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or a website) to make it easier to maintain your contact information and allow customers some place to ask questions about their orders.

That magical moment when a customer receives an awaited package is also your opportunity to couple those feelings with a professional lasting touch. Use this packing slip template to cement your business’s image in the customer’s mind.

Download: Packing Slip Template