Packing Checklist


A moving checklist is perfect for any moving occasion. It handles all kinds of moving conditions: a new neighborhood, another city, out-of-state and out of the country. It’s also for all kinds of movers: buyers, sellers, renters, people who move for lifestyle changes and people who move for job opportunities. For anyone who makes a checklist and forgets something on the list this template is made for you. It’s a step-by-step packing checklist that will keep your moving plans in line. Customize the template to your moving situation by following the following information.

How to Use the Packing Checklist

Look over each section of the list; read the time frame and what to do during the time frame. This detailed list goes from packing to choosing a mover to address changing to transferring medical records with ease. Customize the packing checklist to your needs by deleting items that doesn’t apply to you. Add items on the checklist that isn’t on the list but needs to be.

There is extra space to add extra tasks if needed. This easy-to-use template is available free for download right here. You can print it out for editing or edit it right on your spreadsheet software. Save every change made to avoid do-overs.

Tips to Use the Packing Checklist Correctly

  • Life will get chaotic at times. No matter how stressful it gets follow everything on the packing checklist. Do it in the specified time frame; it will make the process easier to complete.
  • Check off each task on the packing checklist as it’s completed. Write “complete” or “done” next to the completed task. Be sure to include the completed date too.
  • Make notes on what is “half-done.” Use the space provided on the line to explain your “half-done” situation in detail.
  • Keep the list updated on the spreadsheet and the printout. If you lose one of them, you’ll have the other to rely on.

This is a guideline. We made sure that we listed everything every mover goes through, but each situation is different. We cannot guarantee that everything listed is what you need to do exactly to have a successful move, hence why it’s customizable. The packing checklist is a must-have for movers, so download a copy for your next move.

Download: Packing Checklist