Outlook Signature Template


screenshot of the Outlook Signature Template

Although you may not have thought about it, the Outlook signature is very important to how you look as an individual or company. Providing a professional signature can be the difference between a response back to your email or none at all. The Outlook signature template will help you create that signature.

The Outlook signature template provides many options that are both professional and appealing. The template offers a fast and easy solution to create a signature that is needed to create a professional looking email.

How to Use the Outlook Signature Template

  • First, download the template. The template will automatically download to Outlook. This makes it easy and fast to use.
  • Second, look through the signature samples and find the one that works best. A signature showing title, address, and work phone number can be used for a business, while just a signature will suffice for personal emails.
  • Third, change the information on the template to the correct name and/or business contact information. Make sure the correct title, name, address and phone number are listed for a business.
  • Fourth, make changes as needed to the font and color of the text.

Tips for Using the Outlook Signature Template

  • First, a business should have similar signatures. This will make it more recognizable to customers. When a signature is decided upon, send this signature throughout the business so all employees can use the same one.
  • Second, if a photo is added, make sure it is professional looking for a business. A fun photo can be used for personal email, but make sure the audience is known.
  • Third, add personal touches that will make the signature stand out. An Outlook signature can go a long way in leaving a lasting impression.
  • Fourth, because the signature displays on all future email correspondence, time management skills are improved. This will help cut down on the time spent in Outlook, and help focus on other tasks.

The Outlook signature template can help achieve a desired signature. Use the Outlook signature template to make the process smooth and easy. You can download the template for free, right here.

Download: Outlook Signature Template