Outlook Meeting Minutes Template


Screenshot of the Outlook Meeting Minutes Template

Many organizations and companies require meetings of some kind during the year. Whether it is a staff meeting, a sales and marketing meeting or an annual general meeting, someone will be required to write the minutes. The Outlook Meeting Minutes Template is the perfect tool for this job.

The Outlook Meeting Minutes Template is entirely free and easy to download. The template is customizable to your specific requirements.

Using the Outlook Meeting Minutes Template

If you used to handwrite minutes and then type them up later in the day, you will remember how frustrating this can be. Now, with the Outlook Meeting Minutes Template, you can simply sit in the meeting with your laptop or Ipad and enter the information during the meeting. The minutes will be immediately ready to email.

With the Outlook Meeting Minutes Template, rather than having to organize your own thoughts, you will easily add notes to the fields in the template. There are sections for discussions, conclusions and action items.

The template helps you to remember important facts about the meeting. At the start of the template, there are fields to add basic information regarding the type of meeting and who was the meeting called by, the facilitator, the note taker and the timekeeper.

There is also a field to add the list of attendees. You will be able to draw your list of email recipients from your list of attendees, especially if there is a large group present at the meeting.

The template can be saved into a folder in your Outlook email account or it can be copied and pasted and saved to your desktop. Having the meeting minutes accessible in your email account will mean that you have access to the meeting notes at any time. If you need to recall something from the meeting, the notes will be at your fingertips.

Success in the workplace is a result of working smarter. Using an email template for your meeting minutes will save you time so that you will have more time to devote to more valuable tasks that require more immediate attention.

The Outlook Meeting Minutes Template will be a document you use and refer to frequently in your workday. It will be an excellent tool that you will find you use over and over again.

Download: Outlook Meeting Minutes Template