Operations Employee Timecard


Operations Employee Timecard Free

The Operations Employee Timecard is a tool used by management to account for the hours worked by an employee. When an employee begins his/her shift, they are required to sign-in manually, by time clock, or by computer, to indicate their arrival to work through the usage of the Operations Employee Timecard. If that employee goes to lunch, or otherwise leaves work for a personal reason unrelated to the job, he/she will indicate the time and duration spent away accordingly on the timecard.

After the completion of their shift, the employee will sign-out on the timecard totaling the number of hours worked that day. At the end of the week, the employee shall total the numbers worked that they completed during the week on the Operations Employee Timecard. From there, management will confirm the number of hours indicated on the Operations Employee Timecard, and pay the employee accordingly.

How to Use the Operations Employee Timecard

  • First the employee must ensure that their name, employee number or ID, if any, is listed on the timecard.
  • Second the employee must state the exact hour that they began their shift, and the time that they completed their shift.
  • Third the employee must tally up all the hours worked that week and indicate it on the timecard.
  • Fourth, if there any additions to the hours work, as in work location, department, assignment, etc., then the employee needs to indicate such on the timecard.
  • Fifth, check the timecard to ensure that the information reported is correct and accurate.

Tips for Using the Operations Employee Timecard

Here are some tips for using the operations employee timecard:

  • Honesty is the best policy.
  • All information stated on the timecard must be accurate.
  • The employee’s signature is optional depending on the company/business.
  • No employee should ever mark another employee’s timecard regardless of any reason.
  • Any falsification of the timecard can result in either a reprimand, suspension, or outright termination.
  • Remember that the timecard is reviewed by management for accuracy.
  • Keep a copy of your timecard to ensure that you are properly paid, if possible.
  • Timecards are a legal entity and are maintained by management for an indefinite period of time.

Download: Operations Employee Timecard