Office Space Calculator


Screenshot of the Office Space Calculator

Commercial property is based on square footage. Why acquire footage that is unnecessary or inadequate for your business needs? You’re not really sure what to do with all your space. Do you have enough for your needs? Where should you put the furniture? What would be the most functional way of accomplishing everything you need with the space you have? Are you moving? Do you need to know where to put the furniture or if you need to get more? Maybe you need to decide whether or not to acquire a space. Perhaps it isn’t the size you need for your company. Hiring a consultant and organizer adds even more to the moving expense. Our free Office Space Calculator Visio template will help you plan the space and take inventory of every inch of your building.

How to Use the Office Space Calculator Template

  • The template is on this page and available for free.
  • It is easy to use, just click to download.
  • Customize the size of the floor plan to your building specifications.
  • Note which departments occupy each space.
  • Mark any areas not currently in use.
  • Embedded computations analyze space availability.
  • Space for rooms with columns and risers may vary.
  • The Office Space Calculator Template includes a help page for use and features.
  • Can be used with or without internet access once it is downloaded.
  • Blocks and stacks present a dimensional image of what space is being used and is unoccupied.

Tips for Working with the Office Space Calculator Template

  • Determine if you have enough room for conferences and large parties.
  • Use for interior design.
  • Maximize office space efficiency.
  • Calculate how many cubicles and private work spaces you can create in one building.
  • Make the Office Space Calculator Template available on your company webpage to coordinate space allocation.
  • Use to calculate space needed before you buy or rent.
  • Accommodate last minutes changes to programs when space availability is a known factor.
  • Add an additional 10-20 percent of space needed to allow or future growth.
  • Reduce expenditures by finding office space that best suits your unique business needs.

Download: Office Space Calculator