Office Move Checklist


Screenshot of the Office Move Checklist

Regardless if you are having a large or small office move there is a huge process involved with many departments. Each person has to pack their items. The IT department needs to be involved to help with the shutdown of electronic equipment such as phones and computers. They need to know where employees will sit exactly at the new location so they can properly wire them. There needs to be a plan to move departments in intervals and plans should be set in place in case something goes wrong. There are budgets to be accountable for and team members should be assigned for different tasks. With so much going on it’s imperative to have a professional Office Move Checklist.

How to Use the Office Move Checklist

The Office Move Checklist is easy to download and free to use. This is a customizable checklist for use in Visio. This checklist comes complete with everything you will need to coordinate on your move.

  • The initial page is the Cover Page of which you can indicate your company’s name or logo here.
  • Next is the timeline of the entire move. This gives an overview of the milestones: the dates, times, and phases of each move.
  • The next slide shows the New Office Space. This is an excellent sample as it has cube and conference rooms set up with various types of desks, tables, chairs, and couches. It allows you to really visualize how well thought-out your diagram should be.
  • Now you have the sections of Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) charts. This allows you to organize, schedule, and coordinate the different tasks required for this move. It’s a network diagram.
  • This leads into your Gantt chart. This is the bar chart of the move listing all dates and times. It is the complete breakdown. There is one Gantt chart for each PERT phase.

Tips for the Office Move Checklist

  • Put together a moving team. Make sure each understands everything laid out in this plan.
  • Send a copy of the New Office Space out to employees so they can familiarize themselves with where they should be on opening day at the new office.
  • Although the PERT chart shows first, it may be easier to plan by updating your dates for the Gantt chart.

The Office Move Checklist found here is the perfect office move coordination chart.

Download: Office Move Checklist