October Calendar


Screenshot of the October Calendar Template

In today’s busy world, it can be hard to keep track of your many business and personal obligations. The month of October, which falls right in the middle of the hectic autumn season, is no exception to this rule. Using some sort of October calendar is imperative to keep all your activities organized. However, traditional paper calendars are far from perfect. Most are not particularly portable, and they are not customizable. Furthermore, they are usually good for one particular year only, and cannot be re-used in future years.

Using the October Calendar Template

Our October calendar template can be easily downloaded right here and used within Microsoft Excel. Once saved, it can be customized however you would like it, and copies can be printed for you and each of your family members. Using a template like this, you’ll never miss a business or family event again!

If there are any holidays occurring in October, you will be reminded of them beforehand, so you will have ample time to prepare. Best of all, this template is free. With prices on virtually everything getting higher and higher, it’s always a pleasant surprise to encounter a quality product for free.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your October calendar template:

  • First, download the file. Downloaded files are often saved to temporary folders, so you may wish to select a different folder so that the template can be easily located later.
  • Open Microsoft Excel and start using the October calendar template. This highly customizable template lets you enter the current year, so it can be re-used in the future. Also, it allows the user to choose whether to set weeks to start on Sunday or Monday.
  • Gather your paper calendars, scraps of paper, emails, and any other places where personal and business obligations might be jotted down. Enter this information into your October calendar template
  • Inquire with family members regarding their own events and obligations– this will give you the opportunity to organize everyone’s information in one central location.
  • As with any activity on the computer, don’t forget to save your work as you go!

Download: October Calendar Template