No Cell Phone Sign Template


You can’t rely on people to exercise good etiquette when it comes to having or using cell phones in common public areas or places where people are trying to conduct business. A great many people will exercise courtesy and turn their cell phone ringers down, or off, while inside where the sound could disturb. A great many others will not, and the sounds of their songs as ring tones, or chimes and other tonal rings will shatter the quiet inside a building where other folks are trying to work. This no cell phone sign template can help with that very problem. You can print this sign and post it in any place where you might need to let people know that you would appreciate their preserving the peace.

The template for this no cell phone sign is available on this page for free. You can download it and then create as many signs as you need. The template opens in Excel, where you can easily customize it in whatever way you wish.

The template is very flexible and you can enlarge and add to it in any way to make it more unique. There are many ways to make the sign more stern, or more personable, whichever suits your needs. You can make your no cell phone sign humorous, or more direct, and those changes will help your sign stick in customer’s minds.

Tips for Using the No Cell Phone Sign Template

  1. Start by downloading the no cell phone sign template from this page. It may be necessary to click to open your file so that you can open the template to begin editing it.
  2. Once you have your no cell phone sign template opened, you can begin adding to it or changing it. You can increase the font size to highlight any portion of the instructions. You can also change the color of the final product, to make it stand out more or blend into the decor of the area where the sign is located.
  3. Keep in mind that the sign is completely customizable, and you can make, save and delete changes at any point to make the sign more attractive or useful for your company.

It’s our hope that you will find this no cell phone sign template easy to use and that it encourages customers to turn their cell phones down while they’re inside your building.

Download: No Cell Phone Sign Template