Newsletter Template


screenshot of the free Newsletter Template

Newsletters are a professional way for groups to get information out, get the attention of potential supporters and keep the group name and image in the public eye. Professional printing services get pricey. To ensure a professional grade appearance on a do it yourself budget, use the Newsletter Template.

Be the group a large company, a small club, civic organization, church group or even a student wanting to do a newspaper project for a class, the newsletter template produces a professional grade result without all of the effort traditionally associated with formatting columns and images. It also easily takes an article through multiple pages.

How to Use the Newsletter Template

  • First, download the template and open it in Excel. The template is fast, easy, customizable and free.
  • Second, select your format. The template affords the user choices for appearance, color, and articles continuing on multiple pages.
  • Third, set up and save the information that will remain the same such as group name, the logo, perhaps a mission statement or company slogan. To keep readers interest throughout multiple pages, consider a dedicated quote, cartoon, puzzle, question, or something similar to break up large blocks of text.

Tips for Using the Newsletter Template

  • First, save all of your newsletters. When short on ideas and needing just one more short article, look through the old copies. Consider a follow up piece.
  • Second, give some serious thought to your format selection. Keep it the same over all issues to create a more cohesive group appearance and project the image of stability. Readers come to associate certain styles with certain groups. They don’t like constant change.
  • Third, remember that no matter how good any newsletter is some people will not read all the way to the end. Be sure to put the most important information first. Rank articles in order of importance and present them in that order to the reader.

Most groups producing newsletters did not form with the purpose of newsletter production in mind. Newsletters are to be a useful tool for disseminating information the group deems important. Use the Newsletter Template, found at, to do just that. Save time and effort in newsletter creation to have more for doing actual business while still getting the message out in a professional manner all can be proud of.

Download: Newsletter Templates