Newsletter Email Template


Screenshot of the Newsletter Email Template

An electronic newsletter can be just the right marketing tool to efficiently and effectively grow customer awareness of a company and its services. The customizable newsletter email template provides an excellent tool for business owners and managers to easily deliver messages straight to a customer’s inbox about prices and sales, new products and services, and industry-related news.

Through customization, the newsletter email template creates a consistent and professional marketing piece sure to increase a company’s recognition and sales potential among its customers.

How to Use the Newsletter Email Template

This easy-to-use template requires little technical know-how to bring a company’s marketing strategy to life.

  • First, download the template, available for free on this page.
  • Second, customize the template in Outlook by inserting the company logo into the newsletter header and changing the color and font scheme to reflect the company’s colors and fonts. Develop a newsletter title that will remain consistent in each issue. A tag line may also be a nice addition beneath the title to increase the company’s brand recognition.
  • Third, develop content for the newsletter and add links to the right side bar to specific pages within the company’s website.

Tips for Using the Newsletter Email Template

  • First, only send the newsletter to people who have requested it. Potential customers may consider a company’s newsletter to be spam unless they requested to receive it.
  • Second, make sure the content is well written and to the point. Email is a type of memo, and as such, it is meant to be brief. Consider developing content, such as a 10% off coupon for newsletter subscribers only, to add intrigue to the newsletter and increase subscriptions.
  • Third, issue the newsletter in a consistent manner, the first of each month, for example. Remember that too much of a good thing can turn away potential customers. In other words, avoid inundating customer inboxes with too frequent newsletters.

Companies cannot sell a product or service unless customers know about it. The newsletter email template is a tool that can professionally and consistently market a product and service to do just that – inform the customer and increase sales.

Download: Newsletter Email Template