New Years Eve Invitations


The art of customizing personal invitations is now easier with Microsoft’s New Years Eve Invitations template card. This New Years Eve Invitations card is designed to include all the details you need to generate the party excitement for numerous guests.

With Microsoft’s New Years Eve Invitations card template, everything can be selected, designed, and sent out all from your PC. The four-page format features a dazzling purple background with a celebratory design including a wine glass, while the third page offers the necessary format to input all the party details that guests will need to know. If you’re not the typical computer-skilled user, no worries. Microsoft makes their New Years Eve Invitations card easy to download and customize so that anyone can have the sophisticated finish. Simply follow these easy steps below to get started.

Using the New Years Eve Invitations Template

First, the New Years Eve Invitations card is available for free download, so you don’t have to think about dipping into your wallet to get access to this program. After following the steps to complete the download process, the template should immediately be available in your Microsoft Publishing program for use.

Second, at the bottom of the window bar are the page numbers to navigate between the four card pages. On pages two and three, you have the option of adding more graphics to the blank page at the back of the front cover. However, you can also leave page two and concentrate on filling out the third page with the essential “who”, “what”, “when”, and most importantly, “where” of your New Years Eve Party Invitations.

Third, if you are interested in getting more creative with your card layout, the New Years Eve Party Invitations card can be customized for size, graphics, text, and more by using Microsoft Excel. However, you can change size and format by using the given tools and formatting options within Microsoft Publisher.

Once you have followed these three steps, your card should be complete for posting. However, if you’re interested in adding simple details to make your card standout even more, you can do the following:

  • Drag cover picture to increase or decrease shape and size.
  • Use the color schemes option to increase color quality or add grey scale.
  • Print Preview final project.
  • If you are more familiar with Microsoft Word, you can import the template to Word to add more creations.

Download: New Years Eve Invitations