New Business Checklist


Free New Business Checklist

There are a lot of thing to do and keep track of when starting a business. Using a new business checklist can help you keep track of all the tasks. There is much more to starting a business than just marketing a product and making money. There are steps to take for tax and legal reasons that must be done to be considered a real business.

Your new business checklist will include things like licensing, permits, contacting a tax professional, opening a bank account and much more. Anyone seeking to start any size business needs a checklist to insure that important points do not get over looked. This is your first guide to have all your I’s dotted and t’s crossed.

Downloading and Installing the New Business Checklist

First, download the template for a new business checklist to your computer. Open the template with the proper program. Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or other document editing software are the most common template forms.

Filling in the New Business Checklist

Once the template is open, look over the list. Fill in the basic company and contact information like address, phone number and name.

The next line on the new business checklist is for you to choose the type of business. Sole Proprietorship, LLC or Corporation are your choices. A sole proprietorship is good to start with, but should take on LLC or equivalent before the 5th year in business. If your new business has a lot of partners, then you would want to form a corporation.

For accounting purposes, you will next choose a fiscal start date. This is the date you are to begin operating as a business and tracking expenses and revenue as such.

The next line is for obtaining your federal government business tax id number. This is an important number to have. You must have one to conduct a legal business.

The next 2 items in the new business check list will require you to gather information from you local. Contact state and local official office to learn what other documentation is needed for you to conduct business in your state.

The next item is for larger corporations. Too keep the business fair and legal, an attorney will have to draw up the paper work for all involved.

Complete the Template

Continue with the new business checklist until you have all the items in the list completed. Once these are checked off, you will be ready to jump into building your new business.

Download: New Business Checklist