NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket


Screenshot of the free NCAA basketball tournament bracket.

When March rolls around every year, fans of NCAA hoops start etching in their NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets. In comparison to any other sport, NCAA Basketball is recognized as the most exciting in terms of tournament play. Whether you are a super fanatic or just an average fan, there is nothing quite like March Madness.

Unlike now, when advances in technology has allowed the enhancement of everything in the realm of word processing, many people continue to use old brackets. In the past and still today, many people complete a man-made bracket to compete in friendly, competitive, professional, or office pools. Now, a template is available for individuals that are interested in a quick solution to the traditional bracket system. You can also use the template to practice before you participate in any pools. It saves time and energy.

The NCAA Basketball bracket is instantly downloadable and completely free compliments of!

How to Download the NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket

The NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket is very user friendly and the downloading process is just as easy. Please follow the following steps in order to utilize the template properly.

  • Locate the template on this page.
  • Click the custom template that you would like to use.
  • Click the Download Button.
  • Follow the steps accordingly if you don’t already have the proper software installed.
  • Once the software is installed, open Microsoft Visio.

How to Utilize the NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket

  • Once you choose your template, be sure to save it.
  • Once saved, make sure you know where it is stored on your computer for quick reference.
  • Navigate to wear you want to insert a specific team.
  • Once that area is located, type the team name into the formula bar.
  • Once complete, simply save the document and print.

Now you are ready to use your free NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket. Everything you need to win the tournament is in your hands. Pick your teams carefully and good luck!

Download: NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket