Music Program Template


The scene is set, songs are arranged, musicians have rehearsed, all you need is a music program for the audience. Why bother with the cost of buying and/or time of preparing one? The most important thing is to promote your show, engage the audience, and introduce your cast. We have the program figured out so you can focus on the creative part of the production. Our music program template is sleek, stylish and easy to customize.

How to Use the Music Program Template

  • The music program template is free and available on this page.
  • Just download and amend the program title, singers, musicians, and producer.
  • Enter the place, day, date and time of production.
  • Next, insert show description on the Music Program Template.
  • Write a dedication on the program to a charitable cause.
  • Include a note to the audience about future productions.
  • Edit to give special thanks to benefactors for their support.
  • Fill in the blank spaces with your singing company’s logo.
  • Personalize with an inspirational quote.
  • Save and print as many as you want for free.
  • The template can be used for future productions too.

Tips for Using the Music Program Template

  • You don’t have to print the program. Just email it and invite your target audience to the production’s opening night.
  • Programs can be used as flyers for advertisements.
  • Build show choir and theater company portfolios with programs.
  • Use as souvenirs for friends, family and booster clubs.
  • Recruit prospective singers and musicians by including programs in music school orientation and admission packets.
  • Pass programs out at local hotels for visitor information.
  • Leave flyers at libraries and local chambers of commerce. Most community organizations are happy to promote local arts and culture.
  • Templates can also work for spring recitals and symphony show house.
  • Amp up your next karaoke party and do it with style.
  • The Music Program Template is perfect for talent and fashion shows.
  • Microsoft Office Publisher documents can be saved as html so you can post programs on your singing company website.
  • Make your next music program interactive by including a QR code linked to your website or a video of the dress rehearsal.

Download: Music Program Template