Movie Party Invitations


Free Movie Party Invitations

For all the various film fans who study in the art, make their own projects, or remember films by directors, the Movie Party Invitations template is an ideal program to have. What better way to invite fellow peers, friends, or movie mates over to watch the biggest awards ceremonies annually, than with a special Movie Party Invitations card? From special independent film screenings, self produced feature films, or even to watch the classics over for the seventh time, Movie Party Invitations bring the friends together with enough sophistication to ignite the excitement, but without losing the friendly fun that film lovers base all of their events.

Using the Movie Party Invitations Template

This template is free to download by clicking from this page. Computer nerds needn’t worry about not having enough skills for the process, while computer savvy users can stop stressing about the template being time consuming. Within minutes, this template can be completed and ready for immediate distribution, all by following the steps below.

Featuring a border of gold stars, a heading and finish banner with film, the Movie Party Invitations template also holds an example text within the body of the card. From Movie awards shows to the date, time, and location of the screening, the template also holds special contact information to be filled accordingly.

While any version is acceptable, it is important that the user has Microsoft software downloaded onto their PC, or has access to Microsoft software. The template opens using Microsoft Word for customization and design.

The Completion Process:

  1. Once downloaded, the document opens in Word, and is ready for design.
  2. Simply fill in the specific and important information regarding the given event, according to the appropriate slots designated on the template.
  3. Create your own personal invitation message, where the example text exists, or simply use the default message given.
  4. Change the example contact information with your own personal details ( only as much as necessary), and save the template with a title that is easy to remember.
  5. What’s cool about this template is that you can print it for distribution or attach it to a mass email to all invited friends and family members.
  6. Change headings or font color according to your preference and given tabs.
  7. Once information for the Movie Party Invitations has been successfully completed, you can immediately begin to print or email to friends.

Download: Movie Party Invitations