Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale


A motor vehicle bill of sale is an important part of buying or selling a vehicle. It is a receipt that basically says you paid for the vehicle and other pertinent information. A motor vehicle bill of sale must contain different information on it, so they are hard to make on your own unlike a regular sales receipt. Our templates are a great way to get a starting point for your bill of sale and will allow you to customize it to your specifications and put all of your information onto it to make it your own.

How to Use the Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

Download the template that can be found right here. You can put any information into the document that you may need to make it yours. You can even create a header with your company name or personal name and phone number that will remind the customer where the vehicle came from and will give them a quick reference to the company. The template can be used to document a standard vehicle sale. It has information for customer name, customer phone number, vehicle make and model, odometer reading and VIN. It also has space for the seller information.

At the bottom of the page it has a place for the vehicle buyer and seller to sign. The signatures will make this an official contract and it can be used as official proof of purchase for the vehicle. The template is completely customizable so you can input any information you feel needs to be on the bill of sale as well as your personal information. The motor vehicle bill of sale template is easy for anyone to use, even a novice document user. It can be found right here on our page for free.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

  • Make sure you download the correct motor vehicle bill of sale form. Our website has many different forms on it and you may have found something similar that is not exactly the bill of sale
  • Before printing, put any information that you wish to be on there in the document. This will save you from having to copy or reprint the document and will save you time.
  • Signing the document makes all of the information on it official. Make sure everything is true and correct.

Download: Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale