Most Improved Student Award Template


Teachers know they must always be on the lookout for ways to keep encouraging their students to do their best. One tried and true method of doing this has always been special achievement awards. You can make your students feel truly special by using our Most Improved Student Award Template. This simple template can make a struggling student feel like anything is possible.

Why Use the Most Improved Student Award Template?

It is often easy as adults to notice the shortcomings of children we work with and then breeze right over their accomplishments or improvements. This is a quick route to discouraging a child. Use The Most improved Student Award Template to acknowledge to your students that you do notice how hard they are trying. The template is available for free on this page and is even customizable to Excel for your convenience. The Most Improved Student Award Template is easy to use and downloadable for free.

Ways to Encourage a Struggling Student

The Most Improved Student Award Template can be customized to include each student’s name and their specific accomplishment. Customizing the award for each child will show them how much you care about their achievements. It is a great idea to really try and identify an area of improvement that the child struggled with early on. Many teachers will look back through their yearly notes to discover what issues a child might have faced early on in the school year. This can be an enlightening experience when you discover in just how much some students really have improved.

When presenting awards you should really make a big deal out it. Teachers make a big deal out of misconduct; why not make a big deal out of good conduct as well? You could purchase a cheap toy horn and announce each award with “fanfare”. You could also use confetti and shower the student when they receive their award. These are things children will not soon forget. You want your students to know that bad behavior gets a correction, but good behavior gest acknowledged.

In addition to using The Most Improved Student Award Template to create customized awards for your students, never underestimate the power of positive words. Some children may seem to really be challenged in an area when all they really need is a little verbal encouragement. A kind word goes a long way, especially with a child. You might be surprised at how some students will begin trying to improve more and more.

Download: Most Improved Student Award Template