Monthly Calendar Template


Screenshot of the Monthly Calendar Template

Whether you are an electronic geek or married to paper, this monthly calendar template is an essential addition to your home and work tools. This form delivers a straightforward layout with customizable features that can manage the most complex schedule.

Monthly Calendar Template Basics

For starters, the calendar’s format is designed in a six week layout. Click on the month in the upper left corner and enter your title, then click on year and do the same thing. Be sure to stop at this point and do Save As to retitle. This preserves the blank template for multiple uses. From there, pick your starting point, and begin adding numbers to the forty-two boxes.

Use the standard word processing features of Excel to change the look of your calendar. Highlight any item to change font, font size, font color and background color. The number boxes operate independently in the grid and allow for any font size. Resize the number box to better accommodate a larger or smaller number. The square can also be moved from left to right and top to bottom.

Each block in the monthly calendar template has seven lines. Click on each line to add your schedule in usual Excel usage. Color-code the font for different family members or activities. Use the paint bucket to fill the squares for days off or highlighted events like a vacation or a wedding. Be sure to save again when finished.

Ideas and Tips for Use of Your Monthly Calendar Template

The monthly calendar template can be used to plan meals, monitor school assignment due dates, track bill payments or plan family activities around a work schedule. Print a copy and create a colorful written version, or use the form to rough draft before entering information. Keep addresses and phone numbers for scheduled appointments on the next line for easy access.

Utilize the Insert/Picture option to add photos for birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. Resize to adjust the fit to your preference.

A blank grid can help develop a plan for how to accomplish a deadline. Enter hobby, work or home projects to organize a realistic schedule.

This monthly calendar template adds a versatile tool for schedule and event planning. The form is free, downloadable here and easy to use in an Excel format.

Download: Monthly Calendar Template