Monthly Budget Checklist


Budgeting is something few people like to do but nearly all people need to do it. There are so many different ways one can keep track of their expenses, but finding a single tool that will track all of them can be quite difficult. Enter the monthly budget checklist from Microsoft.

With the monthly budget checklist, you can monitor all of your expenses in a single place. One great aspect of the monthly budget checklist is that you can begin saving money with it immediately. You can download and print the money budget checklist for free from this page. Click the link to download instantly.

How to Use the Microsoft Monthly Budget Checklist

The monthly budget checklist comes in the form of an easy-to-use and understand Microsoft Excel template. The template is formatted with bright colors and bold, easy-to-read text, but all aspects of it can be customized to better suit your needs.

The simple monthly budget checklist is broken down into four categories:

  • Monthly Income
  • Monthly Expenses
  • Percentage of Income Spent
  • Summary

The monthly income category is very self-explanatory. Simply add your monthly income to the template. If you have more than one income, the template will calculate your available money. Next, add monthly expenses. Input things such as rent/mortgage payments, electric bills, gas bills, cell phone bills, groceries and other monthly expenses.

Once the income and expenses have been added to the template, a bar graph will reveal the percentage of your income that you’ve spent during a given month. The summary will also show in monetary terms how much money you have left over after your expenses have been paid.

Get control of your monthly expenses with the monthly budget checklist from Microsoft. Download the monthly budget checklist for free by clicking the link available on this page and get started today!

Download: Monthly Budget Checklist